This module contains indicators from user location and movement patterns, during active as well as passive usage of mobile phone. Location is reported from mobile phone antennas (cell towers) and GPS records if provided.


These functions use spatial binning; for every half-hour, interactions are binned. The most common location for the binned records is used as the user's location for that half-hour.

number_of_antennas(positions) The number of unique places visited.
entropy_of_antennas(positions[, normalize]) The entropy of visited antennas.
percent_at_home(positions, user) The percentage of interactions the user had while he was at home.
radius_of_gyration(positions, user) Returns the radius of gyration, the equivalent distance of the mass from the center of gravity, for all visited places.
frequent_antennas(positions[, percentage]) The number of location that account for 80% of the locations where the user was.
churn_rate(user[, summary]) Computes the frequency spent at every towers each week, and returns the distribution of the cosine similarity between two consecutives week.