filter_user, using='records', interaction=None, part_of_week='allweek', part_of_day='allday')

Filter records of a User objects by interaction, part of week and day.


user : User

a bandicoot User object

type : str, default 'records'

'records' or 'recharges'

part_of_week : {'allweek', 'weekday', 'weekend'}, default 'allweek'

  • 'weekend': keep only the weekend records
  • 'weekday': keep only the weekdays records
  • 'allweek': use all the records

part_of_day : {'allday', 'day', 'night'}, default 'allday'

  • 'day': keep only the records during the day
  • 'night': keep only the records during the night
  • 'allday': use all the records

interaction : object

The interaction to filter records: * "callandtext", for only callandtext; * a string, to filter for one type; * None, to use all records.