read_orange, records_path, antennas_path=None, attributes_path=None, recharges_path=None, network=False, describe=True, warnings=True, errors=False)

Load user records from a CSV file in orange format:


basic_service takes one of the following values:

  • 11: telephony;
  • 12: emergency calls;
  • 21: short message (in)
  • 22: short message (out)

user_id : str

ID of the user (filename)

records_path : str

Path of the directory all the user files.

antennas_path : str, optional

Path of the CSV file containing (antenna_id, latitude, longitude) values. This allows antennas to be mapped to their locations.

attributes_path : str, optional

Path of the directory containing attributes files (key, value CSV file). Attributes can for instance be variables such as like, age, or gender. Attributes can be helpful to compute specific metrics.

network : bool, optional

If network is True, bandicoot loads the network of the user's correspondants from the same path. Defaults to False.

describe : boolean

If describe is True, it will print a description of the loaded user to the standard output.

errors : boolean

If errors is True, returns a tuple (user, errors), where user is the user object and errors are the records which could not be loaded.